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Dr. Yashavanth “Yash” Kamath has conducted research for the fiber-textile and cosmetic industry for 32 years, most of them spent at the Textile Research Institute in Princeton, NJ, where he began as a postdoctoral fellow and worked his way up the ranks, retiring to start his own company after spending eleven years as TRI’s Director of Research. Yash started his research mainly in the area of fiber science, which branched into the science of hair (which is a natural keratin fiber) cosmetics (basically product evaluation, claim substantiation and undesirable effects of physical and chemical grooming products and processes on hair and their alleviation), and more recently in selected areas of skin care.

Yash received his undergraduate (Chemistry and Physics) and Master’s degrees (Plastic Technology) from the University of Bombay, where he spent two years as a Government of India Research Fellow. He went on to continue his studies in the United States, receiving his Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from the University of Connecticut (spending two years as a UCONN Research Foundation Fellow), producing a thesis on Polymer Organosols (Polymer emulsions based on organic solvents rather than water), before joining the Textile Research Institute as a postdoctoral fellow.

Yash’s publications have appeared in Journal of Polymer Science, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Colloids and Surfaces, Textile Research Journal, Journal of Cosmetic Science and IFSCC Journal (for a complete list of publications, click hereplease visit our Publications page at, and he served as interim editor-in-chief of The Textile Research Journal. He has won the Society of Cosmetic Chemists Literature Award and also won the SCC’s Best Paper Award three times.

Dr. Kamath was the recipient of the prestigious Maison G. de Navarre medal award of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists for 2010. The award was presented at the SCC Meeting at the New York Hilton on December 9, 2010, for “Outstanding Contribution to the Art and Science of Cosmetics.”

Areas of Expertise

Hair Cosmetics

Fiber Science (both synthetic and natural fibers)


Honors and Awards